July 20, 2024

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Welcome to Aboki Gadgets, where your satisfaction is our priority. We’re committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of our products, and our warranty policy reflects that commitment. Below, we’ve outlined our warranty services for different product categories, along with some important terms and conditions.


The warranty is valid only upon presentation of proof of purchase consisting of an original invoice or sales slip indicating the date of purchase, dealer’s name, and Serial Number of the product. Aboki Gadgets reserves the right to refuse to warranty if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the product from our store 

Aboki Gadgets obligations are limited to repair of the defect or replacement of the defective part or at its discretion, replacement of the products itself. 

Warranty repairs for used products must be carried out by an Aboki Gadgets authorized center. Aboki Gadgets shall not be liable for reimbursements claim and damages that may result from the unauthorized repairs of the products

Repairs or replacement under the terms of this warranty do not provide right to extension or renewal of the warranty period. Repair or direct replacement of the product under the terms of this warranty may be fulfilled with functional equipment service exchange units. 

The warranty is not applicable to cases other than defects in material, design and labour. 

The warranty does not cover the following;  periodic check maintenance, repairs, replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, abuse or misuses, including but not solely limited to the failure to use these products for its normal purpose or in accordance with product instructions on usage and maintenance defects resulting from usage of the product with accessories that are not approved by the Manufacturer or for use with this product. 

Failure of the product arising from incorrect installations or use not consistent with the technical or safety standards prescribed in the product user manual. 

Accidents, act of God, surge, water, fire. Public disturbing, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations or any cause beyond control of Aboki Gadget. 

Unauthorized modifications carried out on the product.

Use Damage of the battery caused by overcharging or failure to use in accordance with the specific instructions of core cutline in the product user manual. 

The serial number product has been altered, removed or made ineligible 

The Batteries are charged by chargers other than those approved by the MANUFACTURERS

Any of the battery enclosure cells are broken or show evidence of tampering. This warranty does not affect the customers statutory nor the customers right against Aboki Gadgets.

This warranty is not transferable. This warranty will be the purchasers sole and exclusive remedy and either ABOKI GADGETS nor its service centres listed in this warranty document shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or breach of any express or implied warranty of this product.
ABOKI GADGETS shall be liable for the loss of any save/stored data in products that are either repaired or replaced. The above policies are for warranty service and the customer will be responsible for any cost associated with non-warranty conditions.  ABOKI GADGETS reserves the right to make final decisions regarding determination and appropriate service options. 

Exchange units assume the remaining warranty of the original product

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