June 14, 2024

MX MASTER 3 for Mac

Brand Logitech

Stay comfortable and productive with the pale gray Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac Wireless Mouse by your side. Updated with an 8000 dpi Darkfield optical sensor, this versatile mouse is designed to provide precise tracking on almost any surface, including glass. At the same time, its Quiet Click buttons provide a satisfying feel while producing 90% less noise than the original MX Master, and the MagSpeed scroll wheel provides fast yet precise scrolling at up to 1000 lines per second. The ergonomic design fits most right hands and includes a convenient thumb rest area where you can quickly access buttons and a side scroll function. Pre-defined macOS shortcuts and app-specific profiles in the Logi Options+ software help to streamline your workflow.-

With Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the ability to pair with up to three devices, the MX Master 3 offers users a seamless way to work across systems. The Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac is optimized for macOS and iPadOS devices.

Optimized for Mac
Speed up and customize your workflow with predefined macOS and app-specific profiles.
Logi Options+
The Logi Options+ software lets you manage and customize your supported mice and keyboards through an easy-to-use interface. Reassign your device’s buttons and keys to perform your common and repetitive tasks, so you can save time and get more done. Flow technology allows you to seamlessly control multiple computers and transfer text, images, and files between computers by copying on one and pasting to the other. You can also use the software to see your assigned mouse gestures, configure the pointing speed, and tune the scrolling speed and scrolling direction in addition to checking the battery level.
Long Lasting Battery
The MX Master 3S’s integrated battery is rated to last up to 70 days on a full charge. Charging the mouse for one minute using the included cable provides up to three hours of power.
Sustainable Design
The plastic parts in MX Master 3S for Mac include 22% certified post-consumer recycled plastic. It is also certified carbon neutral.


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