April 18, 2024

Samsung Buds Live (Pre-Owned)

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Samsung Bud Live 2020,Samsung launched new wireless earbuds in the form of Galaxy Buds Live as part of the Galaxy Note 20 series launch. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live comes in a bean-shaped design out internal components horizontally instead of vertically. Samsung states that this design helps the earbuds to not protrude from the ears.

It’s not an in-ear earbud and comes with a 12mm speaker and bass duct. There are three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit with which the earbuds recognise your voice and ensure call clarity. These earbuds also feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type. This means the earbuds tune out distractions like passing cars and loud laundry machines, while still being able to tune into important announcements and conversations.

You can record audio for your video on the Galaxy Note 20 by using Galaxy Buds Live as a wireless microphone. Also, you can use ‘Game Mode’ to reduce audio latency and share music using the new Buds Together feature.
Galaxy Buds Live features an intuitive touch-based UI for touch control, as well as Bixby voice wake-up which allows you to navigate music, open apps, and send messages hands-free and eyes-free.


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