June 14, 2024

JBL PartyBox 1000

  • The ultimate party speaker!
  • Plug in your mic or guitar and take the stage USB input to play your favourite playlists from a USB drive / USB port
  • Connect another PartyBox via TWS Bluetooth and get full stereo sound
  • The PartyBox 1000 Bluetooth Speaker from JBL offers an authentic audio sound experience, along with a full-panel light show. You can plug in your microphone or guitar to perform, or stream your playlist via Bluetooth, or from a USB drive. The LED lit DJ and Party Band allow you to control the speaker via hand gestures, for a hands-off experience. Connect two PartyBox speakers wirelessly with the TWS feature or wired from one RCA output to another RCA input.

    Light Shows

    The full panel lighting effect creates a captivating light show.

    Air Gesture Wristband

    Clap twice to play sound effect 1, shake 4 times to play sound effect 2, and rotate to switch light patterns.

    DJ Pad

    This DJ launchpad allows you to play drums, keyboard and piano, record and loop.

    Mic and Guitar Inputs

    Plug in your microphone and guitar.

    USB Playback

    Pre-program your party or event with your favorite playlist from a USB flash drive.

    TWS and RCA

    Connect compatible speakers wirelessly via TWS (True Wireless Stereo using Bluetooth connection up to 2 party speakers) or wired via one RCA output to another.

    USB Charging for External Devices

    A USB port on the JBL PartyBox lets you charge other USB devices right from the speaker.

    Concealed Wheels

    A handle and concealed wheels make it easier to transport your JBL PartyBox 1000.


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